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Auto-Order Changeover System (Deposit) - for Residential 48 Kg Water Heater Installations or Commercial/Industrial use ONLY

Automatic Changeover and Ordering system for standard 48 Kg or manifolded multi 48kg systems. Includes delivery and installation. Available now.
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R 2 000.00

Got Gas's unique Auto-Order is a new innovative system that allow you the peace of mind of never running out of gas.

When your gas runs low on one bank (be it left or right) our changeover will automatically change straight to using gas from the backup bank. When this occurs, a notification is sent to our server, and an order is created. You will then receive an SMS to notify you that the changeover has occured and your order is placed. 
Once you have completed payment we will then change your cylinder/s and the process continues.

Requires no power point and is fully compatible with any 48kg system or manifolded multi 48kg system.

System remains property of Got Gas and is for the exclusive use of the client with Got Gas Supplied bottles.

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