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Auto-Order Changeover

What is Auto-Order (AO)?
Auto-Order Equipment 

Our innovative Auto-Order system (AO) is a new system that replaces your changeover valve with our automatic changeover valve and SmartTank monitoring unit

This system can be used with any set of 48kg bottles.
Automatic Changeover

Once the bottle in use becomes empty, the auto changeover will automatically start to use gas from the full standby cylinder, this ensures you have a seamless supply of gas without the need to go outside and changeover yourself.

1. The changeover occurs.

2. A notification is sent to our Head Office Server. In turn, our server will SMS you to notify you that an order has been placed, and request that you complete payment.

3. Once payment is completed, your delivery is scheduled.
Your Gas is Delivered

We will send out a vehicle to replace the empty bottle with a full one.

Once the cylinder in use is empty, the cycle will start all over again ensuring you NEVER run out of gas, nor have the hassle of ordering.

1. You NEVER run out of Gas

2. You can't forget to order.

3. Peace of mind of uninterrupted gas supply.
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Auto-Order Changeover System (Deposit) - for Residential 48 Kg Water Heater Installations or Commercial/Industrial use ONLY

Automatic Changeover and Ordering system for standard 48 Kg or manifolded multi 48kg systems. Includes delivery and installation. Available now.
R 2 000.00