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Bottle Sizes
Bottle Sizes and their uses

9kg - Stoves, hobs, braais, portable heaters.

19kg - Stoves, hobs, and braais, heaters, small fireplaces.

48kg - Fireplaces, gas water heaters, commercial and industrial applications.

90kg - Now available!  gas water heating, commercial and industrial applications.

19 Kg LP Gas Bottle REFILL

Mid size bottle used for: Braai's, Stoves, Heaters and small gas water heaters REFILL ONLY!!
R 479.00

48 Kg LP Gas Bottle REFILL

Large bottle used for: Fireplaces, gas water heaters, Restaurants, Industrial.
R 1211.00

19 Kg LP Gas Bottle - FORKLIFT

Used for Forklift applications only
R 479.00

AutoOrder (Deposit)

Automatic Changeover and Ordering system for standard 48kg systems Includes delivery and installation. Available late 2018 . Pre-Order available now!
R 2000.00